Impact story

Proverbs 2:4

Ceria ûûme, wa ta bûra ûgîceria fetha kana gîntû kîa goro kîra kiithe. Search for wisdom, as you would search for silver or valuable hidden treasure.> “I now know that wisdom is an hidden treasure which someone has to tirelessly look for always as I have been doing to silver for all those years I have lived.” These are words from a middle aged man during a community testing session of this verse. He continued to add that the translation has given him a new understanding of this verse better than the many times he has read in in other languages

One day as I visited one of the local churches during a Sunday service and I got a chance during the scripture readings which I had targeted in order to do some community testing, I read from Jeremiah 13:27. Among the many respondents who claimed to have received a special and different understanding of this text was the pastor in charge of this church. He said, "I have always been unable to read this verse before people as I had no words to explain it as it appears in Kimeru Bible which has used offensive words in Tharaka perspective but I can read the Tharaka bible to my family even this evening" I was very encouraged.

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